Love Tower

I have planned to build a Love Tower,
Will spend all my money and power.
(Ask about these two do I possess,
Or the life is full of losses?)
Four walls will be in the shape of heart,
Very soon I want the work to start.
Top of it will be like an arrow,
With some open-nests for the sparrow.
A room at top floor for me and you,
Aromatic there you will be in view.
There you with life-long youthfulness,
Fairy-like to be your embroidered dress.
Round a corridor super quality,
Like the hat of Statue of Liberty.
Ground floor garden with some chariots,
Flower tubs seem some nice beauty spots.
The protection net in corridor a must,
For keeping on you only my trust.
If you ever turn angry with me,
(To prevent a jump)
Very useful the net then will be.

by main uddin a 

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09 Dec 2020 No Comment 1

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