Love Is Something

Love Is Something That Is Shared By Two And Two Only.
Love Is Having The Chance Of Being With Someone You Really Care For.

Love Is Something That Makes You Feel Good.
Love Is Thinking Of Her Every Second Of The Day.

Love Is Staring At A Photo Of Her When You Miss Her.
Love Is Taking A Shirt Of Hers Home So You Can Smell Her Beautiful Scent.

Love Is Always Wanting To Hold Her Hand Or Just Feel Her Touch.
Love Is Being There For Her Whenever She Needs You.

Love Is Dropping Everything Just To Spend A Few Minutes With Her.
Love Is Sharing Your Ideas And Showing Your Emotions.

Love Is Kissing Her Soft, Sweet Lips Every Chance You Get.
Love Is Wrapping You Arms Around Her As To Hold Her For Eternity.

Love Is Having Fun With Her.
Love Is Doing Anything To Please Her.

Love Is Writing That You Love Her On Everything.
Love Is Telling Your Friends How Much You Love Her Even Though They May Not Like Her.

Love Is Being Able To Joke Around With No Hard Feelings.
If All This Means I Am In Love With You, I Am Guilty As Charged.

More Shayari by Ajay Bhambra
28 Oct 2008 No Comment 3

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