Love Is Being With Your Loved One

Love Is Being With Your Loved One
Love Is Dancing In The Rain
Love Is A Feeling Of Togertherness
Love Is The Light Of Life
Love Is Secret We Both Share

Love Is Talking About Tomorrow
Love Is Heaven’s Blessig To Us
Love Is Lending A Tissue To The Other To We Wipe Off The Tears
Love Is Holding Hands For Hours
Love Is A Gift To The Heart
Love Is Laughing With Joy
Love Is Licking Ice~cream From One Cone
Love Is A Beautiful Melody
Love Is Giving Freely &Generously
Love Is A Feeling To Be Treasured
Love Is Fooling Around With Ur Loved One
Love Is Magical Twosomelove Is Blushing At The Very Sight Of The Loved One
Love Is An Ever Bloming Flower
Love Is Looking Into Each Other’s Eyes
Love Is Sharin G Rainbow Walks
Love Is Expressed By Little Deeds
Love Is The Anchor In Life’s Ocean
Love Is A Feeling Of Belonging
Love Is Depending Upon Each Other
Love Is Life’s Sweet Mystery
Love Is Burning Desire
Love Is Looking In The Same Directions
Love Is The Music Played By Every Soul
Love Is Forever Young
Love Is Sharing Chocolates
Love Is Spending Moments With The Loved One
Love Is Gentle And Tender As A Kiss
Love Is Something Which Gives Life As Zing
Love Is Like A Precious Gem
Love Is Counting Stars At Night
Love Is A Celebration Of Togetherness
Love Is Like Magic
Love Is More Than Word Can Say
Love Is Dreaming The Same Dream
Love Is A Memory To Cherish Forever
Love Is A Kiss That Lasts Forever
Love Is The Road That Leads To Happiness
Love Is Living In Wonderland
Love Is Soaring To Never Heights
Love Is Blind
Love Is Beautiful Like A Rainbow
Love Is Finding A Partner For Life
Love Is Dreaming Dreams Together
Love Is The Strongest Feeling Ever Known
Love Is As Pure As Dew Drops
Love Is Having Fun Together
Love Is Doing Crazy Things
Love Is Listening To The Heart
Love Is Colourful Like Flower
Love Is Unselfish And Sacrificig
Love Is All That I See In You
Love Is Walking Together Forever On The Path Of Life
Love Is Sneaking Out Late At Nite
Love Is Two Hearts Beating As One
Love Is What I’ll Share With You Now & Forever.

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