Love Is Always Honest Kind And True

Love Is A Beginning, Middle And End
A Journey To The Stars, A Toast To The Past
Love Is The Hope With Every Word Said
And A Bond That Will Forever Last

In That Journey I’ve Learned So Much
And Now I Hear The Sweetest Sound
Dreaming As Our Hearts Do Touch
Though You’re Never Really Around

Love Is A Clear Energy Of Truth Within
A Spark Of The Sun, A Dance In The Night
Love Is The Freedom That You Want To Live
And A Feeling That Whispers From The Light

In That Truth You Make Me Want To Breathe
I’ll Always Desire, Hold And Cherish You
No Matter How Long You Take, I’ll Still Believe
This Surge Of Fire Is Shared Between Us Two

Love Is Like A Feather Dancing In The Wind
Floating, Falling And Free In The Sky So Blue
It’s Never Feeling Like You’re Living In Sin
Love Is Always Honest, Kind And True

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26 Jun 2008 No Comment 2

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