Love Flows Freely From The Heart

Love Flows Freely From The Heart,
Like Raindrops From The Clouds

Love Stays In Your Heart
Love Is Immortal, But Lovers Are Mortal

Love Is Timeless, But Lovers Are Time Bound
Love Is To Be Seen From The Heart, And Not The Mind

Love From The Heart Is Guiltless
Love From The Mind Is Pure Less.

Love Is Not Earthly
Love Is Greater Than The Universe.

Love Is Boundless
Love Is Not Attraction, But Respect

Love Is Not Love Making, But Fondness
Love Is Not A Hug, But Protection

Love Is Not A Kiss, But An Assurance
Love Is Not A Desire, But Worship

Love Is Not An End, But A Beginning
Love Is Not Sharing Of Bodies,

But Sharing Of The Souls
Love Is Not A Bleed, But

A Medicine To Heal The Soul
Love Is A Tear, An Affection

Only Love Touches The Heart
Without You Feeling It

Love Is Everlasting…
Love Is Not “i Love You”
Love Is “i’ll Care For You”

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