Lost Love

The Guy I Found Let Me Down,
The Daily Smile I Once Had Turned Into A Frown,
From Expressing Alligator Tears,
That’ll Make You Drown.

Just Like That He Won My Heart
But Now In A Blink Of An Eye,
We’re Now Apart.

Was Any Of It Real?
That’s The Question Of The Day.
God Please Take This Agonizing Pain Away.

I’ve Been Cautiously Shut Down For So Long,
For Me To Allow Him In,
Was I Wrong?

I Completely Gave My All,
W/out A Second Thought.
How Ignorant Was I ,
Not To Protect My Own Heart?

He’s Good; He Doesn’t Seem Like The Type
To Be In It Just To Lay You Down.
He Was Very Attentive & Proved
He’d Always Be Around.

He Alone Was The Only One
To Ever Have Total Access To Me.
In That Short Time,
How Can That Be?

We Went From Daily Sleepovers, Calls,
Visits, Text; To None.
Does Anyone Out There Feel
Where I’m Coming From?

All Communication Stopped W/no Explanation,
I Don’t Think Or At Least I Can’t Remember If I’ve Ever Been
In This Kind Of Situation.

What Goes Around, Comes Around,
Just Wait & See.
I Wouldn’t Wish This Heartache,
On My Worst Enemy.

Am I Strong Enough To Just Say To Hell W/it & Walk Away?
Yes, I Have To Be, After All The Calls, Text, Emails Trying To Reach Out,
And All He Did Was Email Me W/a Question, Asking Me What Am I Talking About?

I Replied Saying What I Had To Say,
But Still He Acts As If He’s Clueless,
So I’d Be A Fool If I Stay.

If He Truly Wanted Me,
He Knows Exactly What To Do.
But He Has Yet To Make A Move,
So I’ll Concede That We’re Threw.

by Devilicious 

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08 Jul 2008 No Comment

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