Losers Only Quit

Some People Just Dont Get It
Some People Just Wont Know It
Some People Just Wont Risk It
Some People Just Wont Quit It

Its Them Who Can Only Know What It Means
For How True Love Is Really Meant To Be
I Dont Want To Testify Against Those Who Wont
But They Need To Know Losers Only Quit

Oh How Sad Are The Times When We Cant Make It
Oh How Sad Are The Times When We Break It
But Thats The Sad Part Of This Tradegy
Losers Only Quit, They Will Only Admit Defeat

Losers Only Quit When They Give Up On Love
How Can You Quit When You Still Need To Search
If Your A Little More Patient Then Wait
But Dont Give Up, Losers Only Quit

Was It So Hard The Last Time For You
Did Love Cut You So Deep
That It Was Just Never Meant To Be
So You Know What You Have To Do
Its Not A Game That You Play For Money
The Prize Is Something Far More Endearing And Constant

Losers Only Quit And Quit They Will Do
When They Have Had Enough And Feel They Cant Let Love Through
How Many Times Did You Have To Walk Feet Over Fire
How Many Times Did You Build It Up Only To Lose The Desire
But You Cant Give Up In Life, Just Cant Quit The Love
You Know How Badly You Need It So Much

Its Crying Time When You Have No-One To Make Your Troubles Go
The Dark Cover That Looms When Love Is Gone, Its So Lonely, God Only Knows
Losers Only Quit And You Cant Quit For L See
Theres No Much For You To Find So Go And Set Yourself Free
Find Yourself A Love That Is Greater Than You Thought Possible
Giving Up Sounds So Easy, But When Love Pulls You Can Only Hang On

To Those Dreams That Love Can Only Make You Feel
To Those Nights That Love Can Only Make You Feel
To Those Times That Love Can Only Make You Feel
So Precious Love Is, So Losers Only Quit
Your More Stronger Than You’d Like To Admit
The Reward That Is To Come, A Love That Never Quits

by michaelxx14 

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09 Jul 2008 No Comment 2

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