Look, Im Sorry. Im Sorry For Bothering You

Look, Im Sorry. Im Sorry For Bothering You.
Im Sorry For All The Texts I Send You.

Im Sorry For Iming You The Second You Get Online.
Im Sorry I Keep Asking If Youre Free To Hang Out.

Im Sorry I Ask Random Questions.
Im Sorry That I Ask About Your Life.

Im Sorry That Im A Bother To You.
Im Sorry That I Always Recite All Those Silly Friendship Quotes.

But Heres The Truth. Im Not Sorry For Any Of Those Things;
I Only Did It Because You’re My Friend.

What Im Really Sorry For Is That You Don’t Realize
How Much Our Friendship Means To Me.

Im Sorry That I Have A Deep Worry That
This Friendship Wont Last Much Longer.
Im Sorry I Wanted To Talk To You.

Im Sorry I Wanted To Get Your Opinions And Advice On Things.
Im Sorry I Wanted To Hang Out With You.

I Just Thought That’s What Friends Did.
Im Sorry I Was Willing To Do Anything To Get Your Attention.

I Didn’t Know Being Friends Was Too Much To Ask From You.
Im Sorry That Im Now Left With Only Memories Of What Used To Be.

Please Do Me One Favor, When You See
The Tears Gently Falling Down My Cheeks, Don’t Try To Comfort Me.

I Don’t Need A Reminder Of How I Could Always Tell You Everything,
How You’d Sit By Me And Just Hold Me While I Cried.

So Please, If This Is Over, Then Lets Just Say Our
Goodbyes And Walk Away And Not Look Back,

Because I Cant Believe That A Friendship
I Once Held So Dear To My Heart Is Now Fading
To Nothing.  Now Thats Really What Im Sorry For.

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