Lo Udher Ho Gayi Shuru Mehmano Ki Aamad

Lo Udher Ho Gayi Shuru Mehmano Ki Aamad
Dekho Wo Isteqwal Karte Hain.

Aur Idher Hum Khade Begane Se
Unke Nazer-E-Khayal Ko Taraste Hain.

Bus Yehi Sochker Mehfil Se Chale Aaye Hum
Akser Wo Naye Doston Mein Humein Bhool Jate Hain.

Tu Jo Sun Le To Apne Ashqo Mein Doob Mer Jaye
Aise Kitne Hi Khayal Dil Mein Aate Hain Chale Jate Hain.

More Shayari by Sunilastin Mastghan
14 Oct 2008 No Comment 13

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