Life’s Journey

Down The Womb I Go
To Where I Do Not Yet Know
I Reach The End, It Is So Bright
All I See Is A Magnificent Light

I See A Face, Who Could It Be
Oh, It’s My Mom I See
She Holds Me Really Tight
To Make Sure I’m Alright

She Tells Me She Loves Me
And Feeds Me, You See?
Some Time Has Passed, Now I Can Walk
I Can Even Talk

Before I Knew It It Was The First Day Of School
Mom Tells Me Not To A Break A Single Rule
I Laugh, I Smile, I Play All Day
I Meet My Best Friend Jenny Fey

Time Slowly Passes, I Knew This Day Would Come
The First Day Of Jr. High, And I Feel So Dumb
One Thing Has Not Changed In All These Years
I Still Have My Best Friend Jenny Fey To Calm My Fears

I Did Well In School As Always You See
Now I Am In High School, How Could This Be
Time Seems To Pass Much Faster Then In The Past
And My Best Friend, Jenny Fey, Is My Girlfriend At Long Last

I Played Football, Basketball, And Even Ran Track
Then One Day I Found Out My Mom Had A Heart Attack
I Held Her Really Tight
To Make Sure She Was Alright

She Tells Me She Loves Me While She Cries
And Then Eventually She Shut Her Eyes
She Fought So Hard, With All Of Her Might
But It Was To Much, She Didn’t Make It Though The Night

Many Years Have Passed Since That Day
Many Things Have Changed, As Well, By The Way
Me And Jenny Have Been Married For Fifty Years
She’s Still My Best Friend And Calms All My Fears

We Had Four Kids Of Our Own
Tommy, Sandi, John, And Joan
I’m Sorry To Say I’m Sick And Weak
You See I Have Cancer And My Chances Are Bleak

The Doctors Gave Me Three Months To Live You See?
I’m Scared, I’m Sad, I Wonder Why Me?
I Once Again See The Magnificent Light
But This Time It Seems Twice As Bright

I Reach The End And I See A Face, Who Could It Be?
Oh, It’s My Mom I See
My Mom Holds Me Tight
To Make Sure I’m Alright

She Tells Me She Loves Me
And Welcomes Me Home, You See.
Me And My Mom Start To Ascend
Life’s Journey Has Come To An End.

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