Life Of A Software Professional

I Start My Day By Sitting On A Chair,
Giving My Monitor A Hard,Cold Stare,
By Evening Im Done With Another Coding,
Oh! This Has Become A Routine So Boring.
Like All, I Entered This Field With Great Hope,
Jobs Were Many And There Was Plenty Of Scope,
Dreams Of Joining The Likes Of Gates,
And A Chance To Make Money In The States.
Thus, I Entered The World Of Bytes,
Only To Realize That Reality Bites,
Coz A Programmer’s Life, Isnt All That Cozy,
he Bed Of Software, Isnt All That Rosy.
Seeing The Monitor All Day N Night,
Have Taken The Power Of My Eyesight,
Late To Bed N Late To Rise,
Has Made Me Wealthy, But Not Healthy N Wise.
Working Holidays, Busy Weekends,
No Time For Family, No Time For Friends,
My Job Steals Most Of My Time,
Helplessly, I Watch This Crime.
Just For Few Bits Of Money,
I Forego Those Moments With My Honey,
When I Should Be Out – Having Fun,
I Am Telling A Comp, Whats To Be Done.
I Hate U, Yet I Cant Get Away,
Coz, I Need The Money U Pay,
God, To Thee I Pray,
If There Be One – Show Me The Way…..

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