Life Is A Mistake Without Music

Life Is A Mistake Without Music
And As Long As We Have Frnds

The Rhythm  Is There
Though At Times

It Goes Out Of Tune
But  The Rhythm  Must Not Die

Just Because Someone Didn’t
Sang The Song  U Wanted

Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Love You
With All They Have

Love Is A Feelings , Can’t Be Proven By Words
A Soft Touch, Frnds Songs And A

Smilen Poems As Well(Even If Nt Good)
Are All That Are Needed To Convey Love.

Silence Is The Best Conservation
Frnds Song Is Best Food

Frnds Smile Is The Best Gift
Frnds Makes Everythng Easy

Difficult To Difficult Chords
Comes Out Easily With Frnds.

Frnd  Sings The Song In Your Heart
He Doesn’t Tries To Please  U….

But Somehow , He Always Do
And  You Coudn’t Feel Much Better
Than When U’r There With Him

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