Let That White Horse Of Thought

Let That White Horse Of Thought
With The Wing Of Idea
Run Into That Void

Let Those Drops Of Your Thoughts
Develop Into Sea Of Your Belief
Your Thought And You…

Let Yourself Be Drenched
With Your Trow
Let Yourself Be Enlightened
With Your Ideas
Let Yourself Be Complete You

A ‘You’ Which Makes You
Different From Millions
Being Inside The Bubble
Of Your Belief
Indifferent To Others, Others & All
And Every Others

Let Yourself Flaunt In World…
Of Your Belief, Your Values
The World That Loves You…
& You Love Yourself…

Lets Rise, Rise Up To Yourself
Rise For Yourself
Where You Are On The
Clouds Of Your Belief

Just Shred That Mask
Covering You
Let Yourself Expose To Your
Inner World Lying Within You…
Let Yourself Accquaint With You
Where Its You, You, &Only ‘You

More Shayari by Srishti Shrivastava
19 Feb 2022 No Comment 3

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