Let Me Become that Buttefly

he stages
i go through
where doubts
are slowly
entering the heart
and intuitions
are sometimes
falsely programmed
the stages
i go through
where nonsense
becomes chaotic
and the lover’s route
is usually distant
because of those
sad feelings
of change and displacement
the stages
where you take me
back on cloud nine
and swing me in your arms
whether your pride
wont let you
give me a chance
or not
the stages
im up against
when reactions
to certain things
have no meaning
just the little things
going to past
and slip out of my finger
the stages
where we both take a deep breath
and hope that
release some of our
and though
paradise is in the clouds
its been similar
when im with you

by zubiluvs 

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03 Nov 2016 No Comment 4

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