Let’s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More

Let’s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
We’re Our Own Jailers! Our Own Prey
We’re Getting Paler Every-Day
Are Not We Working-Out At Things?

There Is, One Way; An’ The Only Way
Let’s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
It Would Have Been Good; If You Wept?

And Then, On Some One’s Bosom Slept?
I Was By Your Side, Expecting
I Might Be ‘one’, That Got Enrapt?
But No! I Was Not The Choicest ‘one’

Sat Shut! And, Pined Right To My Core
Let’s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
Next Morning Too, I Found You Sad
Your Lips Were Clouded, Not Brick-Red

Your Child-Like Face, Wore Smoky Shades
I Felt, Some Luster, You Have Shed?
Some-Thing Pined Me: Some-Where, Deep-In
But, I Could Not Use, Self’s Sure Cure

Let’s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More
Then, Time Passed By: And, Came Day Third
There Was Some Change!  And, I Was Heard
We Sat, Quite Near-By, Hand-In-Hand

We Ate At Length; And, Drank Our Curd
New Dawn Knocks Now At Door, For Us
We Might Gain Back, What’s Lost Before
Let’s Not Torture Ourselves, Any More

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
17 Oct 2008 No Comment 3

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