Let’s Move: To The Mango-Grove Yonder

Let’s Move: To The Mango-Grove Yonder!
Look, They Are Full Blossomed, For Us!
Let’s Move Quickly; Else Be Mad Rush!
Look In My Eyes: You’re All In Blush!

Yes, Now, Your Bosom Swells, In Gush!
Our Bodies Anticipate Sweetly;
Cores Are Fusing Non-Discretely;
Warming Blood Flows Fast Quite Up Beat;

Let’s Restore These Moments, Neatly!
I’m Firm; But Now, You Must Ponder!
Let’s Move: To The Mango-Grove, Yonder!!
See, Bees Are Moving, In Large Swarms!

They Too, Are Much Concerned With Charms!
They’re Leaving Now, Their Blooming Warms!
Oh, Who Cares, For Those Meager Harms?
Those Things Are Changing So Much, And So Fast;

One May Not Cope With Them, With Paces Light!
Those Buds Are Ready For Neat Unheard Blasts;
I Don’t Know, What Is, After-All, Your Plight?
Our Bellies, Bosoms, Lips And Palms Wonder!

Let’s Move Quickly: To The Mango-Grove Yonder!!
It’s Spring; Our Wants Are Not Unnatural, Mind!
Let’s Be More Practical, An’ Mutually Kind!
We Have, Already, Consistently Pined!

See, There Is Some Unknown Glee, Which Will Bind!
Let’s Waste No More Our-Selves, And Precious Time!
See Every-One Is Mingling Midst A Rhyme!
This Natural, Harmless Instinct Is No Crime;

And Acts In Brightening Life, As An Enzyme!
Let’s Discover Us Midst Spring:   The Great Founder!
Let’s Move Quickly: To The Mango-Grove Yonder!!

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Sep 2008 No Comment 1

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