Lend Me Thy Hand!

Lend Me, Thy Hand!
And, Let’s Now Live!!

We Have Been Lonely, Despaired Ones,
For Ages Now; Seeking Some One!
Moving From: This Place, To That Place:
But All In Vain; We Could Find None!

We Came Across: Long Days-And-Nights!
We Came Across: Great Multitudes!

We Turned To East: To West, To Gods;
But Failed To Break Our Solitudes!
Our Lights Faded, Past Dunes Of Sand;
And, Every Moment Was Plaintive!!
Lend Me, Thy Hand!
And, Let’s Now Live!!

Things Seem To Have Changed Now, Since Then;
As Eyeing Eyes,   Have Met Their Pairs!
All Red Flowers, With All Their Blooms,
Are Prompting Us: ‘Shed All Despairs’!

Are We, Now, Not That Close Enough;
That, We May Enrapture Entwined?
Don’t We Now Know, To The Cores, Our Selves?
That, We Have Nothing More To Find!

Let’s Share: Our Hopes!
Let Souls Befriend!
Let’s Learn: To Take:
Let’s Learn: To Give!!
Lend Me, Thy Hand!
And, Let’s Now Live!!

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
06 Sep 2008 No Comment 2

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