Learning Life

This Misty Morning
With The Sun Bloodying
The Edges Of The Sky
At The Bottom Of The Hills

My Mind Races Far Far Away
Over The Oceans
Gliding Through The Clouds
Looking For You

No I Am Not Lonely
As Long As I Have
The Memories Of You
Flowing Through My Mind

Like The Water
Circulating Again And Again
In That Little Table Top Fountain
You Bought Me The Day
I Moved To My Apartment

“How Strange It Is
That We Seek The Help Of
Monotonic Sounds Of Water
Flowing Again And Again
Through Some Glass Pebbles
To Get Out Of The Monotony
And The Loneliness We Feel
In Our Day To Day Lives…..?”

You Just Smiled
And Put Your Cheek On Mine
Moved Your Eye Ball
So It Is Almost Touching Mine

“Darling… You Have A Lot To Learn
About Life……!”

May Be This Is The Exam Time….!

by rowving 

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12 Jul 2008 No Comment

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