Lagta Hai Kuch Kho Gaya

Lagta Hai Kuch Kho Gaya
Dil Bara Udaas Hai

Na Koi Aas Paas Hai
Bare Ajeeb See Aaj Peeyas Hai

Lagta Hai Kuch Kho Gaya
Aaj Rounay Ko Dil Chata Hai

Haan,Hur Raat K Baad Sweara Aata Hai
Phir Kyoon Dil Udaas Hai

Phir Aaj Kyoon Ajeeb See Peeyas Hai
Lagta Hai Kuch Kho Gaya

Kiya Aaj Kuch Hougya Hai
Shayad Yah Dil Ka Ehsaas Hai

Magar Ajj He Dil Kyoon Udaas Hai
Kyoon Aaj Hee Aisee Peeyass Hai

Lagta Hai Kuch Kho Gaya
Baree Zoor Say Dharaka Dil

Lagta Hai Kuch Bikhar Ghia
Lagta Hai Kuch Ujarh Gaya

Shayad Mere Man Ko Kuch Hougaya

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