Kyun Aate Ho Tum Khawbon Main

Kyun Aate Ho Tum Khawbon Main
Kyun Chura The Ho Tum Mujhe Aankon Main

Dil Pigala Hai Tumare Aane Se Kaise Halchul Hoti Hai Iss Dil Pe
Tum Kuch Na Kaho Phir Bhi Pechan The Hai Hum Tumari Saason Se

Dard Bhi Hoti Hai Mujhe Un Yaadon Main
Kyun Dilate Ho Woh Khawb Joh Sach Na Hoga

Kyun Laye Ho Tum Aapna Pyaar Iss Dil Pe
Kuch Na Kahe Sake Hum Tumare Pyaar Main

Tum Bhi Khoye Huhe Ho Meri Pyaar Main
Ek Bhar Kahe Doh Tum Aapne Narm Zuban Se

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04 Nov 2008 No Comment 44

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