Poonam Ki Raat

Poonam Ki Raat Hai Ye, Phir Andhkaar Kyu.N Hai
Taare Bhi Hai Nashe Mai Phir Majboor Chand Kyu.N Hai

Kahte Ho Be_vafaa Hai Phir Aitbaar Kyu.N Hai
Bazzii Ye Jeetkar Bhi Phir Meri Haar Kyu.N Hai

Duniaa Hai A.Gar Ye Jannat Phir Ha-Ha_kaar Kyu.N Hai
Jab Pyar Hi Hai Daulat Phir Daulat Se Pyar Kyu.N Hai

Naa Aayegaa Kabhi Vo Phir Intjaar Kyu.N Hai
Kaise Kahoo.N Mai Nirjhar Mujhe Tujhse Pyar Kyu.N Hai

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26 Jan 2019 No Comment 33

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