Kyu Bhool Ghayay Haam Ko

Kyu Bhool Ghayay Haam Ko
Rishtha Tha Tho Phurannah Tha,

Ik Ye Bhi Zahmanah Hai
Ik Woh Bhi Zahmaanah Tha,

Kyu Bhool Ghayay Haamh Koh,
Nafrath Say Bhaari Nazrhay

Ikh Jaanh Hee Lhay Behtee,
Tukrhay Hee Kiyay Dill Khay

Kyah Hoobh Nhishanah Tha,
Kyu Bhool Ghayay Haamh Koh,

Ristha Tha Tho Phurannah Tha,
Ikh Yay Bhi Zahmanah Hai,

Ikh Woh Bhi Zamanah Tha,
Kyu Bhool Ghayay Haamh Koh.

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