Kuch To Sun-Kay Hain Has-Tay

Kuch To Sun-Kay Hain Has-Tay
To Kuch Hain Ro-Tay

Te-Ray Me-Ray Qis-Say Ab Bhi
Hain Galiyon Mein Ho-Tay

Kuch Tu-Jhay Mu-Jhay Ilzaam De-Tay Hain
Kuch Tu-Jhay Mu-Jhay Nakaam Keh-Tay Hain

Te-Ray Me-Ray Qis-Say Logon Kay
Zubaan Per Aam Reh-Tay Hain

Kuch Tu-Jhay Bewafaa Keh-Tay Hain
Kuch Mu-Jhay Bewafaa Keh-Tay Hain

Ishq Kya Balaa Hai, Log Tera Mera
Naam Le-Kay Keh-Tay Hain

Kuch Log Tu-Jhay Badnaam Kar-Tay Hain
Kuch Log Mu-Jhay Badnaam Kar-Tay Hain

Lekin Ishq Kay Naam Per
Dono Ko Salaam De-Tay Hain

Kuch Log Te-Ray Qabar Per Aa-Tay Hain
Kuch Log Meri Qabar Per Aa-Tay Hain

Hum Phir Jee Uthen-Gay Ek Doo-Jay Kay
Liye Yeh Dava Kar-Kay Jaa-Tay Hain

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