Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye

Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Kuch Is Tarah Hum Ghayal Hue…
Jaise Suraaj Ke Pyaar Mein Chandni Sharmaye,
Dur Thaa Suraj… Par Uski Kirane…Chand Ko Chuti Thhi,
Dur Thhi Wo Hamse… Par Unke Ahaat Hame Jhinjhod Tee Thhi,

Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Madhosh Hawa…Kuch Is Tarah Chali, Sarey Panno Ku Ulaath Gaye,

Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Unko Yaad Karkey Khud Mein Khote Thhi,
Kabi Tanhai Se..Kabi Parchaye Se Kehtee Thhi,
Dil Se Nikle Alfazzo Ko Pero Ke,Unpe Sheer Hum Lekhtee Thhi,
Khud Ko Unke Yaad Mein Bheego Ke, Chan Lamhey Hum Jeete Thhi,

Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Kuch Is Tarah Unke Yaad Aye…
Na Janey Kyun Bay Rukhe Chaye, Na Janey Kyun Unke Yaad Aye,
Na Mil Sakey Hum Unse, Kuch Mazbooriya Darmiyani Aye,

Kuch Is Tarah Tanhai Chayi…
Kuch Is Tarah Tanhai Chayi…
Unke Ankho Mein Be Name Thhi, Kami Dono Ke Pyaar Mein Nahi Thhi,
Izlaam Unhe Kaise De Is Ruswaye Ka, Jab Unke Dekhney Ke Adaa Wahi Thhi,
Kuch Is Tarah Unki Yaad Aye…

By Neelu

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