Kisi Roz Tum Ko Bhe Meri Bohot Yaad Aai Gee

Kisi Roz Tum Ko Bhe Meri Bohot Yaad Aai Gee
Mager Us Din Bohot Daer Ho Jai Gee

Tum Milna Chaho Gee Mager Mujh Ko Daekh Na Pawo Gee
Tum Dhoondo Gee Mujhe Mager Daekh Na Pawo Gee

Tum Tarpo Gee Meri Yaad Me Or Aansoo Bahawo Gee
Mujhe Dekhe Bina Ik Pal Bhe Na Reh Pawo Gee

Meri Yaad Me Tum Gum Sum Ho Jawo Gee
Khud Apni Gali Ka Pata Bhe Bhool Jawo Gee

Mere Tasauwur Me Tum Aise Kho Jawo Gee
Koi Pukare Ga Tum Meri Hi Bataen Dohrawo Gee

Or Me Door Khra Teri Bechen Ko Daekhta Rahoon Ga
Or Tum Kuch Pal Ke Liye Mujh Se Khafa Ho Jawo Gee

Or Me Teri Bikhri Zulfoon Ko Sunwaroon Ga
Or Tum Sharma Kar Mere Gale Se Lag Jawo Gee

Or Phir Jab Tum Rooth Kar Kaheen Door Chali Jawo Gee
Us Din Me Phir Tum Se Yahee Baat Kahoon Ga

Kisi Roz Tum Ko Bhe Meri Bohot Yaad Aai Gee
Me Tum Hare Bot Kareeb Hoon

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