Kisi Ki Yaad Se Dil Dhadak Jata Hai

Kisi Ki Yaad Se Dil Dhadak Jata Hai,
Lakh Samjhaye Aankhon Ko Par Ashk Chalak Jata Hai,

Kabhi Pass Hoke Koi Koi Dur Ho Jata Hai,
Koi Duriyon Se Bhi Dil Ko Chu Jata Hai,
Kuch Khne Ko Yeh Labz Jud Nahin Pate,
Aankhon Se Dil Ka Dard Byaan Ho Jata Hai,

Kyu Mohabat Mein Dil Ka Yeh Aalam Ho Jata Hai,
Har Chehre Mein Yaar Ka Chehra Nazar Aata Hai,

Kyu Har Kadam Pe Kasauttii Ka Padav Nazar Aata Hai,
Dil Yeh Bahut Bebus Nazar Aata Hai,

Jo Busta Hai Is Dil Ki Dhadkano Mein,
Kyu Dil Roz Ushi Se Roz Mil Nahin Pata Hai,

Aae Khuda Kyu Mohabat Mein Yeh Mukaam Aa Jta Hai,
Naam Tera Lene Se Pahle Naam Yaar Ko Labon Pe Aa Jata Hai……….

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23 Jan 2019 No Comment 199

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