Killing The Inner Soul

Our soul is in tears,
The heart sinks down in grief
The master-mind does its work secretly,
And we have lost the label
Of being human beings.

After the death,
The soul is wandering
From door to door
To seek the rest in peace
But the soul is so impure,
How can it be freed from all bad deeds?

When the body we had,
We never became good to anybody
But our time is for repentance
Is not left any more,
So why to regret over all
Doings when we were awake?

Cry, cry, cry
You better cry in your grief,
Now you come to be aware,
When you get a lot of thrashings
Because of your sins.

Many, many, many
Calls you got from your heart
But you always turned
A deaf ear to it,
Every dropp of your tear in ashes
Will make you remember,
How brutally you did with others?

Why are you going now?
Throughout the life
you didn’t remember the God,
now you are going to him
for your salvation,
How can we expect that
When our deeds are not pure?

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28 Jun 2008 No Comment

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