Khuun Se Jab Jalaa Diyaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

Khuun Se Jab Jalaa Diyaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa
Phir Mujhe De Diyaa Gayaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

Ek Hii Daastaan-E-Shab Ek Hii Silsilaa To Hai
Ek Diyaa Jalaa Huaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

Mahafil-E-Rang-O-Nuur Kii Phir Mujhe Yaad Aa Gaii
Phir Mujhe Yaad Aa Gayaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

Mujh Ko Nishaat Se Fuzuun Rasm-E-Vafaa Aziiz Hai
Meraa Rafiiq-E-Shab Rahaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

Dard Kii Kaainaat Men Mujh Se Bhii Raushanii Rahii
Vaise Merii Bisaat Kyaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

Sab Merii Raushanii-E-Jaan Harf-E-Sukhan Men Dhal Gaii
Aur Main Jaise Rah Gayaa Ek Diyaa Bujhaa Huaa

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