Khuda Bhee Sochta Thaa Ik Din Banaa Kar Ye Saari Khudaai

Khuda Bhee Sochta Thaa Ik Din Banaa Kar Ye Saari Khudaai
Ki Kaisay Ik Fikr Nay Rach Di Yeh Tamaam Tilsmee Sachaai

Ki Kaisay Khwaabgaahon Ko Ghumaan-E-Yaqeen Honay Lagaa
Magar Khwaabgaahon Ki Haqeeqat Bhee Haqeeqat Hain

Yeh Traadeed Ka Dilfaryeb Fasun
Sadaaqat Bhee Fasaanaa Hai Fasaanaa Bhee Sadaaqat Hain

Yeh Ruh-E-Takhleeq, Khuda Sochta Thaa
Kaisay Kaisay Pardon Main Khud Ko Chupaati Hain

Vaham-E-Yaqeen To Kabhi Yaqeen-E-Vaham Ban Ban Kar
Ghrift Say Her Baar Phisal Jaatee Hain

Aur Khuda Nay Socha Yeh Saaraa Tilism Meri Ik Fikr Nay Rachaayaa
Magar Magar Yeh Fikr Meray Zehan Main Kisnay Basaayaa?

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26 Aug 2008 No Comment 11

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