Khayalon Mein Mere Agar Tum Na Hote

Khayalon Mein Mere Agar Tum Na Hote
Yakeenan Guzarti Umar Rote-Rote.

Likhte Hue ‘Gum’ Kalam Dagmagaye,
Thaka Hoon Mein Saahil Ye Huner Ddote-Ddote.

Paher Aakhiri Jab Shab-E-Hizraan Beeti
Lute Is Kader Hum Saher Hote-Hote.

Dushman Hain Mere Bahoot Is Jahaan Mein,
Ye Zind Ab Bachi Dar-Bader Hote-Hote.

Falak Pe Sitaare Yuin Aanhein Bhi Bharte,
Jo Dekhein Mire Armaan Zeher Hote-Hote.

Shab-E-Hizraan = Vireh Ki Raat

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25 Dec 2007 No Comment 11

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