Kevi Kamaal Chey

Fari Machi Rahee Deel Maa Aaj Dhamal Chey
Rang Aankho No Fariney Aaj Kem Lal Chey
Chaproo Bhala Kem Kariney Udee Gayoo Vato Vatoma
Baal Ni Jagya E Kem Kariney Aa Taal Chey

Budhapo Avyo To Shun Thayoo, Vato Maa Hajuye Maal Chey
Bhaley Badlai Gayo Zamano, Pan Haji Aej Be Dhangi Chaal Chey
Rahee Gayee Hasrat Koik To Puchey Dil Na Shun Halhawal Chey
Hajoo Kaal Ni Hati Vaat, Kara Hata Kem Safed Aajey Baal Chey

Bharmaish Kadiye Nahin, Beechavi Bhaleney Teney Jaal Chey
Sarjey Preet Na Bandhan Maa Koi Vidhan, Keni Ae Majaal Chey
Man Ni Vaat Kem Kariney Kahevi Koiney Rajan
Sambhadva J Jyan Koi Tayyar Na Maley, Kevi Kamaal Chey

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07 Apr 2008 No Comment 13

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