Kehte Ho Gazal Likhu

Kehte Ho Gazal Likhu Sochta Hoon Ke Kya Likhu
Haal Likhu, Dard Likhu, Ashq Likhu Ke Ishq Likhu

Kehte Ho Pyaas Likhu Sochta Hu Ke Kya Likhu
Sagar Likhu ,Junoon Likhu, Mehboob Likhu Ke Jaam Likhu

Kehte Ho Dosti Likhu Sochta Hu Ke Kya Likhu
Khudai Likhu,Aitbar Likhu ,Jaan Likhu Ke Tera Naam Likhu

Kehte Ho Ehsaas Likhu Sochta Hoon Ke Kya Likhu
Roshni Likhu, Kaynaat Likhu ,Raat Likhu Ke Ye Barsaat Likhu

Kehte Ho Zindagi Likhu Sochta Hoon Ke Kya Likhu
Gazal Likhu, Pyaas Likhu, Dosti Likhu Ke Eshsaas Likhu

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