Kash Ki Kabhi Tum Bhi Waqif Hote Mere Armaano Se

E Kash Ki Kabhi Tum Bhi Waqif Hote Mere Armaano Se,
Samajhte Mujhe, Rishta Bantae Mere Armaano Se

Mana Tumhari Zindagi Mai Nahi Lekin, Tumhara Pyar To Hoon,
Isi Pyar Ke Waste, Wafadar Hote Mere Armaano Se

Khuda Jane Hamara Sath Kitna Hai Lekin, Tumhara Aaj Mai Hoon,
Isi Aaj Ke Liye, Shayad Pechaan Rakhi Hoti Mere Armaano Se

Aksar Raah Dhoondhte Rishte Banate Hai Hum Lekin, Tumhari Manzil To Mai Hoon,
Kash Ki Usi Manzil Ke Khatir, Ek Chirag Jalaya Hota Mere Armaanon Ke Naam Se

Mausam Badalta Hai Sath-Sath Insaan Bhi, Lekin Tumhari Rutu Mai Hoon,
Aakhir Mere Hi Liye, Nibhate Apni Zimmedari, Ghar Banate Mere Armaano Se

E Kash Ki Kabhi Tum Bhi Waqif Hote Mere Armaano Se,
Samajhte Mujhe, Rishta Banate Mere Armaano Se

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