Kar Rahe Hain Aapko Dil Se Wish

Machhli Ko English Mein Kehte Hain Fish,
Hum Aapko Bada Karte Hain Miss,

Humse Pehle Koi Kar Na De Wish,
Isliye Sabse Pehle Aapko,
Kar Rahe Hain Dil Se Wish.

Happy New Year 2014

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27 Dec 2013 1 Comment 11

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Machli Ko English Me Kehte He Fish, Hum Apko Bada Krte He Mis, Humse Phle Koi Kr Na De Wish, Isliye Sabse Pehle Apko, Kr Rhe He Dil Se Wish. Hapy New Year 2014

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