Kaise Likhoge Mohabbat Ki Kitab

Kaise Likhoge Mohabbat Ki Kitab,
Tum To Karne Lage Pal-Pal Ka Hisab,

Kis Jagah Payaas Bujhane Aaye,
Ye Jahan Zahar Na Paani Na Sharab,

Tum To Karne Lage Pal-Pal Ka Hisab,
Kaise Likhoge Mohabbat Ka Kitab,

Khusak Patatoon Ka Mukadder Lekar,
Aag Kie Shahar Mein Rahta Hoon Janab,

Tum To Karne Lage Pal-Pal Ka Hisab,
Kaise Likhoge Mohabbat Ka Kitab,

Zindgee Tujhako Samjhata Kaise,
Tere Chahre Pe Hai Sadiyon Ka Nakabis Sadagi Pe Kaon Na Mar Jaye Ye Khuda,

Ladtein Hain Aur Hath Mein Talwar Bhi Nahi .
Gujare Dino Ki Bhoole Huye Baat Ki Tarah,

Aankhon Mein Jagta Hai Koi Raat Ki Tarah,
Tumse Ummid Thi Ki Nibhaoge Dosti,
Tum Bhi Badal Gaye Mere Halat Ki Tarah

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