Kaise Bholoon Jaana ?

Kaise Bholoon Jaana ?
Apne Un Jurtay Atot Rishtoon Ko

Jin Kee Chahatoon Ko Abhi Aur Nikharna Tha
Main Kaise Bholoon Jaana?

Tum Se Wabasta Taluk Ko,
Main Janta Hoon Ke

Jis Ko Tum Koi Naam Naa De Pai Ho
Main Kaise Bholoon Jaana?

Kehar Barsati Raaton Mein
Tujh Sang Jo Safar Kia Tha Kabi

Chandni Mein Bethay Tere Lamho Ko
Main Kaise Bholoon Jaana?

Tere Gesohoon(Hair) Ki Khusbo Ko
Teri Aankoon Kii Masti Ko

Teri Aawaz Ke Jado Ko
Main Kaise Bholoon Jaana?

Jab Kabi Bethay Bethay
Meri Chasham-E-Taswar Main

Tera Cheera Obhar Aata Hain
Tuo Main Boht Majbor Ho Jata Hoon

Tuje Sochta Hii Chala Jata Hoon
Kabi Main Aahain Bharta Hoon

Kabi Rota Hii Chala Jata Hoon
Mera Dill Hii Nahi Sambhalta,

Aise Mein Jaana Main Kia Karo Jaana?
Main Kaise Bholoon Jaana?

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