Kabhii Iss Dharti Par

Kabhii Iss Dharti Par,
Mera Hii Rajya Hua Karta Tha.

Har Shakhs Sukhi Tha Jahan,
Aisa Ekk Samrajya Hua Karta Tha.

Naa Koi Jaat-Paat Tha,
Naa Hii Koi Dharm-Majhab Tha.

Us Sundar-Si Duniya Kaa,
To Har Drishya Hi Gazab Tha.

Naa Rajniti Thi,
Naa Bhrastachar Hii Tha.

Sab Swyakch* Sochte The,
Kahin Koi Kuwichar Naa Tha.

Naa Dikhte The Kahin,Par,
Saje-Dhaje Nange.

Aur Naa Hi Hote The,
Kahin Koi Dange.

Par Ab Dharti Se,
Mera Wilop* Ho Chuka Hai.

Sare Manwi Mulyon Kaa,
Ab Lop* Ho Chuka Hai.

Main Koi Aur Nahii,
Balki Insaan Huun.

Par Ab Main,Main Naa Raha,
Ban Chuka Main Haiwan Hoon.

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10 Sep 2008 No Comment 17

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