Kabhi Yun Bhee To Ho Hum Ghar Se Nikle

Kabhi Yun Bhee To Ho Hum Ghar Se Nikle Aur Unka Makaan Aaye
Guzre Lamhon Mein Khoyi Hui Daastaan Aaye

Simte Honthon Pe *Makhmoor Koi Armaan Aaye
Mere Baazu Mein Liptaa Mera **Jaanaan Aaye

Kabhi Yun Bhee To Ho Udhar Nazren Jhuke, Udhar Nazren Jhuke
Idhar Hatheli Par Nikal Ke Jaan Aaye

*Harf-E-Sad-Talab Par **Jazbaa-E-Imaan Aaye
Teri Tareef Mein Likha Mera Deewaan Aaye

Arz Pe Arz Karun Koi To ***Kaamraan Aaye
Hum Ghar Se Nikle Aur

Kabhi Yun Bhee To Ho
*Word Describing Thousand Desires
**Abiding Faith

Kabhi Yun Bhi To Ho Le Chale Hum Unhe Ekk Aisi *Kehkashaan Mein
Laut Aane Kaa Jaha Se Naa Koi Farmaan Aaye

Dum Bhar Ke Liye Aisa Ek **Paimaan Aaye
Jee Bhar Ke Jeeyun Aisa Ek ***Jahaan Aaye

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