Kabhi In Sard Shamoon Mein

Kabhi In Sard Shamoon Mein
Kabhi In Tanha Ratoon Mein
Tumhein Mein Yaad Aoon To
Tum Ankhain Band Karlaina

Mein Khawaboon Ka Jahan Liyai
Tum Sai Milnai Aoongi
Kabhi Subha Ki Narmi Mein
Kabhi Chaoon Ki Shabnam Mein

Tumhein Mein Yaad Aoon To
Tum Phooloon Ko Choo Laina
Mein Khusbhoo Mein Shamil In Kai
Tum Sai Milnai Aoongi

Kabhi Barish Ki Shokhi Mien
Kabhi Hawaaon Ki Shararat Mein
Tumhein Mein Yaad Aoon To
Tum Shabnam Ko Dekh Laina

Mein Haya Mein Bas Kar In Ki
Tum Sai Milnai Aoongi
Kabhi In Chandni Raatoon Mein
Kabhi Sitaroon Sai Sajai Angan Mein

Tumhein Mein Yaad Aoon To
Tum Apnai Dil Mein Dekh Laina
Mein Ehsaas Ban Kar Mohabbat Ka
Tum Mein Jee Jaoongi

Tum Sai Milnai Aoongi
Kabhi Mein Yaad Aoon To
Bas Ek Baar Pukar Laina
Mein Zindagi Ban Kar Tumhari
Tum Sai Milnai Aoongi

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29 Oct 2008 No Comment 9

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