Jis Mod Par Kiye The Ham

Jis Mod Par Kiye The Ham Intazaar Barason
Usase Lipat Ke Roe Divaanaavaar Barason

Tum Gulasitaan Se Aaye Zikr-E-Khizaan Hi Laaye
Hamane Kafas Mein Dekhi Fasl-E-Bahaar Barason

Hoti Rahi Hai Yun To Barasaat Aansuon Ki
Uthate Rahe Hain Phir Bhi Dil Se Gubaar Barason

Vo Sang-E-Dil Thaa Koi Begaanaa-E-Vafaa Thaa
Karate Rahen Hain Jisakaa Ham Intazaar Barason

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29 Nov 2008 No Comment 15

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