A Boy Liked A Girl
But Wanted To Make Her Jealous,
Then One Day Things Went Terribly Wrong
The Next Few Weeks Were Like A Very Sad Song

He Made Her Jealous On Purpous He Tried
When The Girl Asked ‘Do You Love Me? ‘
On Purpous He Lied

He Played With Jealousy
Like It Was Just A Game,
Little Did He Know
Things Would Never Be The Same

His Plan Was Working,
But He Had No Clue,
How Wrong Things Would Go,
The Damage He Would Do

One Night She Broke Down
Feeling Very Alone.
Just Her And The Blade
No One Else Was Home

She Dialled His Number,
He Answered ‘Hello’
She Told Him She Loved Him
And Hung Up The Phone

He Raced To Her House,
Just A Minute To Late.
Found Her Lying In Blood
Her Heart Had No Rate

Beside Her Was A Note
In It Her Confession
Her Love For This Boy
Her Only Obsession

As He Read The Note,
He Nelt Down And Cried
Grabbed The Blade,
That Night They Both Died.

She Was Was Found In His Arms
Both Of Them Dead,
Under The Note
His Handwriting Said:

‘She Loved Me So,
She Never Knew,
All This Time
I Loved Her To.’

By My Friend

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