Jaur Se Baaz Aaye Par Baaz Aayen Kyaa

Jaur Se Baaz Aaye Par Baaz Aayen Kyaa
Kahate Hain Ham Tum Ko Muunh Dikhalaayen Kyaa


Raat Din Gardish Mein Hain Saat Aasmaan
Ho Rahegaa Kuchh Na Kuchh Ghabaraayen Kyaa


Laag Ho To Us Ko Ham Samajhen Lagaav
Jab Na Ho Kuchh Bhii To Dhokaa Khaayen Kyaa


Ho Liye Kyon Naamaabar Ke Saath-Saath
Yaa Rab Apane Khat Ko Ham Pahuunchaayen Kyaa


Mauj-E-Khuun Sar Se Guzar Hii Kyon Na Jaaye
Aastaan-E-Yaar Se Uth Jaayen Kyaa

[Mauj=wave; Aastaan=abode ]

Umr Bhar Dekhaa Kiye Marane Kii Raah
Mar Gae Par Dekhiye Dikhalaayen Kyaa

Puuchhate Hain Vo Ki “Ghalib” Kaun Hai
Koii Batalaao Ki Ham Batalaayen Kyaa

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05 Feb 2019 No Comment 11

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