Jab Tera Hukm Mila Tark Mohabbat Kar Di

Jab Teraa Hukm Milaa Tark Muhabbat Kar Dii
Dil Magar Is Pe Vo Dhadhkaa Ki Qayaamat Kar Dii

Tujh Se Kis Tarah Mai.N Izhaar-E-Tamannaa Karataa
Lafz Suujhaa To Maanii Ne Bagaavat Kar Dii

Main To Samajhaa Thaa Ki Laut Aate Hain Jaane Vaale
Tuune Jaakar To Judaii Merii Qismat Kar Dii

Mujh Ko Dushman Ke Iraadon Pe Bhii Pyaar Aataa Hai
Terii Ulfat Ne Muhabbat Merii Aadat Kar Dii

Puuchh Baithaa Huu.N Main Tujh Se Tere Kuuche Kaa Pataa
Terii Haalat Ne Kaisii Terii Surat Kar Dii

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