Jab Dil Mila Hai To Dard Bhi Hoga

Jab Dil Mila Hai To Dard Bhi Hoga
Dard Mila Too Gum Bhi Hoga

Gumo Mein Naa Jany Kya Maza Hai
Ki Khudaa Ney  Her Dil Ko Gum O Ka Khezana Diya Hai

Or Har Moho Baaat Karny Waaly Ney Isey Salam Kiya Hai
Iiss Dard Ko Appna Humdard Kaha Hai

Kash Khudaa Deta Doo Dil Siny Mein
Too Ye Khazana Milney Kaa Bhi Gum Naa Hota

Dil Hai Ek Tukda Dard Kaa
Jisey Her Dil Ney Aappna Kaha Hai

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23 May 2018 No Comment 44

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