Jaan Yeh Meri

Jaan Yeh Meri,
Haazir Hain Jaanam,
Le Jao Isko,
Agar Chaho Tum…

Dil Hai Yeh Mera,
Khilona Nahin Hai,
Khelo Na Aise,
Is Dil Se Tum…

Pyar Yeh Mera,
Bikau Nahin Hai,
Sacchai Ko Tum,
Jaan Lo Aaj…

Resham Si Mulayam,
Phoolon Si Mehak Hai,
Pankhudi Jaise,
Komal Yeh Dil…

Na Cheero Tum Isko,
Na Ched Jao,
Na Kehna Isko,
Sanam Bewafa…

Doob Jaaonga,
Mein Dukhdha Mein,
Ubar Na Paaoonga,
Main Kabhi…

Kuch Tho Kaho,
Ey Zulmi Mera Pyar,
Aise Na Chup Ho,
Tum Mooh Phere…

Mar Jaaoonga Main,
Is Chup Chupi Se,
Kuch Tho Kar Ya,
Phir Maar Daal…

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10 Oct 2008 No Comment 6

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