Jaam Dey Eik, Tahzeeb Sey, Do Liye?

Ab Kee Parwaaz Kaisee Hai: Kyaa Boliye?
Urh, Lamhey Bhar Mein Ham Aapkey Ho Liye!
Haan! Lamhey Bhar Mein Ham Aapkey Ho Liye!!

Shokh Aankhoun Mein Kyaa Hamney Deykhaa Wahaan?
Lag Rahaa Ab Hamain, Bas Waheen Doliye!

Ham Bhi Deykheyn Kahaan Husn Gulzaar Hai?
Band Dar Baatinee Zeyhn Key Kholiye!

Maykadey Fir Na Jaauungaa! Toubaa!! Sanam,
Ab Tabassum Sey Chashmoun Mein May Gholiye!

Aaj Naaseh Sab Bazm-E-Saaqee Mein Hain,
Jin Ney May Sey Sabhee Mail-O-Gam Dho Liye!

Un Kee Nazroun Mein Khushiyaan Hain Bharpoor, Jo,
Saaqiyah Sey Milaakar Nazar Ro Liye!

Ab ‘Abd’, Jigar-O-Dil Us Key Pahloo Mein Hain:
Jaam Dey Eik, Tahzeeb Sey, Do Liye?

By Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
06 Dec 2014 No Comment 1

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