Izajat Teri Aankhoen Ka Agar Yeh Kayaamaat Hota

Izajat Teri Aankhoen Ka Agar Yeh Kayaamaat Hota
Khuda Ko Tere Har Nazar Se Fir Mohabbaat Hota

Aaftaab Se Raushan Ho Kar Qya Qaamat Pai Hai
Tujhe Dekh Le To Woh Chaand Ki Aukaat Hota

[ Qaamat=stature]

Woh Pattiyaan Bhi Jannat Mein Khil Jaate Agar
Fhuloen Ko Teri Khusboo Se Taluqaat Hota

Mere Muhaafiz Mere Kaatil Nikle To Qya Hai
Mere Zindegi Hi Mere Maut Se Taiinaat Hota

[ Muhaafiz=bodyguard, Taiinaat= Appointed]

Dil Ki Hasratein Bhi Shishoen Mein Dhal Gaya
Koi Suraat Ban Jaata To Tujhse Mulaqaat Hota

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