It’s Doing Your Job The Best You Can

It’s Doing Your Job The Best You Can
And Being Just To Your Fellow Man;

It’s Making Money, But Holding Friends
And True To Your Aims And Ends.

It’s Figuring How And Learning Why
And Looking Forward And Thinking High

And Dreaming A Little And Doing Much.
It’s Keeping Always In Closest Touch

With What Is Finest In Word And Deed;
It’s Being Thorough, Yet Making Speed;

It’s Daring Blithely The Field Of Chance
While Making Labor A Brave Romance;

It’s Going Onward Despite Defeat
And Fighting Staunchly, But Keeping Sweet;

It’s Being Clean And It’s Playing Fair;
It’s Laughing Lightly At Dame Despair;

It’s Looking Up At The Stars Above
And Drinking Deeply Of Life And Love.

It’s Struggling On With The Will To Win
But Taking Loss With A Cheerful Grin;

It’s Sharing Sorrow And Work And Mirth
And Making Better This Good Old Earth;

It’s Serving, Striving Through Strain And Stress;
It’s Doing Your Noblest That’s Success!

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