It’s Time: Let’s Go

It’s Time: Let’s Go!
All Priests Are Gone! Bells No More Ring!!
Feasts Are All Done; Just Look, Darling!
We’re Now Lonely!

We’re Now ‘only’!!
Let, Now, Our Beats Combine And Sing!
Our Flat, Waits Us:
Let’s Board, And Row!

It’s Time: Let’s Go!
Our Velvet Bed Is Lined With Silk;
And, Decorated With Night-Queens!
Those Walls Shine, As If Washed With Milk;

And, All Corners Have Leafy Greens!
That’s Lovely Place To Dwell, In Love!
It’s Sans Sadness!
It’s Sans Sorrow!!

It’s Time: Let’s Go!
We’re No More Strangers, Now! Are We?
Just Have Been In Our Arms Lately;
And, We Have Kissed Our Lips At Large,

In Public; And, Most Sacredly!
Look Yonder: That Creeper, That Tree,
Are In Close Company! Let’s Follow!
It’s Time: Let’s Go!

We’ll Have, Soon, Prettier Moments, Yes!
And, Soon, We’ll Get Our Cherished Due!!
To The World Of Love, We’re Exposed, Yes,
Midst Experiences Fresh And   New!

Your Palms Are Soft! Your Arms Are Warm!!
Let Bodies Mingle, Souls Bestow!
It’s Time: Let’s Go!

More Shayari by Abd Bundeli (Ram Prakash Garg)
16 Sep 2008 No Comment

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