Iski Baatain Uski Baatain Sabse Pyari Teri Baatain

Iski Baatain Uski Baatain Sabse Pyari Teri Baatain,
Chandni C Sheetal Ho Tum Or Chaand C Teri Baatain…..

Mujhko Meetha Kar Jati Hai Sehad Main Dubi Teri Baatain,
Tanhai Main Baith Akele Karta Hoon Main Teri Baatain…..

Fagun Main Mujhko Rang Jati Hai Rango Jaise Teri Baatain,
Tan Man Mera Mehka Jati Hai Phoolon Jaise Teri Baatain……

Mujhko Pawan Kar Jati Hai Ganga Jaise Teri Baatain,
Tum Ho Meri Neendo Jaise Or Khabo Jaise Teri Baatain……

Mujhko Urrake Le Jati Hai Pankho Jaise Teri Baatain,
Dil Main Chhipke Kush Kehti Hai Dharkan Jaise Teri Baatain…..

Taaro Jaise Tim Tim Karti Kali Raaton Main Teri Baatain,
Dil Ke Kore Kagaz Pe Hai Gazlon Jaise Teri Baatain…….

Jeevan Zehar Bhara Ik Sagar Amrit Jaise Teri Baatain,
Jeete Jee Jisme Rehta Hoon Us Jannat Jaise Teri Baatain…..

Har Pal Mujhko Bhata Hai Tujhse Karna Teri Baatain,
Kano Main Ras Ghol Rahi Hai Geeto Jaise Teri Baatain……….

Mujhko Chhuke Sona Kar Gai Paras Jaise Teri Baatain,
‘Veer’ Ko Jeena Sikhlati Hai Jeevan Jaise Teri Baatain….

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